Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Spotted Box

Instead of describing my herbal work this week I will, instead, shamelessly plug one of my etsy groups. I started participating in The Spotted Box in September and received my first box in October. The Spotted Box is a collection of samples from various retailers featuring products that are family friendly, natural handcrafted products. The box goes on sale on the 15th of every month at noon eastern time on etsy and hyena cart. The samples include a few gift certificates, trial sizes, sample sizes, and even some full size products. Many of the vendors create products geared specifically for babies and kids. There are 25-30 samples per box. My box had 30 and I am going to describe each one so you can see the variety.

I received gift certificates from the following vendors:
evolution diapers-this sounds intriguiging-diapers that fit newborn thru potty training-but no website is listed on the coupon.

A bookmark from I may check out this store for Christmas since my mother and sister are usually reading something.

A very cute gift tag and gift card from

A knitting pattern from

A beautiful photo of a flower from I like this since it fits with what I do. I will find some use for this but I don't know what yet.

A small card (?) from

A greeting card from . This may become a birthday card for my daughter. Very nicely done and even the business card that was included is very nice!

A greeting card from Gorgeous! This may be my Mom's birthday card!

A crayon shaped like a star. I actually assumed it was a soap until I got a good look at everything. How cool! it's a crayon with a little pad of paper so you play with it right away! From

An iron on patch from I am always packing around a tote bag with either herbal books or knit/crochet projects so it will end up on a tote bag. It's green with purple and orange owls. Very cute.

I also got some play dough mix from snozzberries 'n dreams. No website listed so I'm not sure where this store is but I will be playing with this:).

I also received 3 samples of diaper pail deodorizer powders from,, No diaper pails in my house but I may try them in the bottom of garage pails.

I got 2 samples of eco-friendly detergents from and

Handcrafted wipes/washcloths from and These are fabulous! I wish these were available when my daughter was a baby. They are so soft and cute! What a great way to save money and the environment.

A felt pumpkin sugar cookie from the I have actually looked at this store before and loved it! If you have a child with a little play kitchen set you have got to shop here!

A needlepoint plastic canvas Poinsettia pin from I will be wearing this for the holidays.

I got 3 soap samples:

An almond/goatsmilk soap from 3d deebleddo- no website listed but I love the soap. It has a clean natural smell that I like since I can't stand most artificial fragrance oils.

A green apple&pomegranite soap from Smells really good. I may have to hide this from my daughter.

A chocolate muffin soap from This is obviously a full size item and really grabbed my attention when I was going thru the box. It looks like a real chocolate muffin! My daughter will be stealing this one!

I received 2 bath salts samples.

A relaxing Lavender bath salts from Enough for one bath. I won't rate this because I would quite obviously be very biased.

A small glass bottle with bath salts from I'm impressed and wondering where they got the cute little bottle. I'm a little jealous....

A cream sample from This is from our spotted box creator. It soaks in quickly and really softens skin. Very nice.

Ocean scented bath confetti from sassy scrubs and such.

I think I got every body.

The spotted Box is now available in 2 sizes- a regular size box is $22 and includes 25-30 samples and a small box is $12 with a dozen or so samples in it. You really have to pounce on these because they litterally sell out in minutes. There are no shipping charges and it is TOTALLY worth the money if you can get your hands on one. Now is really a great time to sample what's available for you Christmas shopping. A lot of time and money goes into each box on our part so I really hope you enjoy them.

Now I have to plug my other etsy team. I live in Kentucky and I'm a member the Bluegrass etsy street team. We have many talented artists on our team and many new one joining every day. So if you shop on etsy check out the B.E.S.T of the Bluegrass!


Flirt Buttons said...

Hey there, looks like we got a lot of the same samples. I have been going thru and finding the websites for the ones that were missing sites. Take a peek at my blog: www.flirtbuttons.blogspot
Great write up, thanks!

Susie said...

Great review! I did not participate in the spotted box this last month, and now I am wishing I had gotten a spotted box! I am also in Kentucky. We are at Fort Knox. My etsy shop is a litle bare right now, though.

lili said...

I'll be in it in November:)

It's such a great idea isn't it?!?

And it's so nice to see so many people blogging about it now.

On another front I have just discovered your blog and would like to 'follow' it.

I will be coming back to talk about herbal stuff soon. Out of curiousity - do you make Swedish Bitters?

Sherry said...

Hey, I am glad you like the soap sample I included! I totally forgot to include a web addy, but you can get to all my store links through my blog 3d ~ deebleDdo. At some point I am going to have to get a box myself...they sound like so much fun to open!

Jackie said...

Lili-no I don't make swedish bitters-sorry. Maybe you can teach me how.

Susie-I used to live in Radcliff when my Dad was stationed in Ft. Knox. Are you military?

Jackie said...

Sherry_ I loved your soap!

lili said...

swedish bitters are our panacaea for everything from bruises to cuts to upset stomachs to ... well ... things which are a lot more serious.

It's a combination of many herbs distilled in rye whiskey. It needs to sit in a dark place for two weeks.

My MIL buys me the herbs when she goes to Switzerland and sends them over. It's amazing stuff.

I'd be happy to share:)

Sygnet Creations said...

Sorry to stump you with the MuffinDoodle Crayon. It should have been labeled but that could have come off in the mail... Any who color on!!

natesgirl said...

saw you in the spotted box!!! off to check out your site thanks!!!!