Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope the New Year is good for everyone so far! Mandala is the winner of the medicated oil/salve-Congratulations! Let me know how it holds up in the brutal Alaska winter.

For January I will be giving away 4 oz of botanical bath salts. It's a basic recipe with borax, sea salt and baking soda with some powdered calendula and roses. This is enough for at least 4 baths and the herbs will condition your skin.

Just leave a comment to be eligible!


Homemade Beauty Review said...

Yeah my first comment! I got here from Tiffany's (Picnic Basket Crafts) blog. I started following her blog after buying some, and reviewing one of her products. happy January!

Kym said...

Lovely to have found you! you products look lovely!

Homemade Beauty Review said...

Hey Kym, that is how I spell my name too!