Sunday, March 21, 2010

SPRING!!!!!!! Finally...........

Today is the first full day of Spring and it's beautiful here! I got a little Spring Fever. I started some seeds and dug up some roots, planted some new roots and bulbs. I have a small flower bed under the living room window which only gets a couple hours of sun a day and I have been wanting to do something new under there. But this is also where I have my most valuable roots planted. I was going to dig them all up and dry them but my Husband talked me into moving them. So I moved a goldenseal, 2 ginseng, and a blue cohosh. I just hope I haven't traumatized them for the year because they should be sprouting in 2-4 weeks. I did actually dig up my 3rd ginseng root and chopped it up to make an extract. American ginseng is supposed to be much milder than the Asian varieties. We'll see because I can't do the Asian at all!

So anyhow....I planted some Lily of The Valley back there and watered everything real good. I will add some Johny jump-ups too. So I will have a nicely perfumed area with bold color right by the patio. I will probably trim with allysums later on which will add to the fragrance and color.

Happy Spring!

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Rick and Robin said...

Glad you had a happy planting day. Happy Spring to ya.