Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vital Earth Traditions

You may think I'm crazy to buy products and post a review of a "competitor". The truth is all herbalists have their own style, and even though I could make similar products for myself, it's nice to buy something that was made just for me :).

While reading a review on I decided to check out the website for Vital Earth Traditions ( The proprietress is a professional massage therapist named Kelly Lynch Ring and she makes a wonderful array of natural herbal/aromatherapy products. I was impressed by the Therapist Sample Pack so I ordered one. I received 4 2 oz bottles of herbal massage lotion (arnica, lavender, chamomile, and unscented), one 2 oz bottle of herbal massage oil, 1/2 ounce jar of peppermint foot cream, a 2 oz jar of herbal muscle and joint cream, a 2 oa jar of herbal massage cream, plus a free bar of her recycle soap. She uses the leftovers from old batches to make these pretty bars that she sends with orders and donates to charity.

I am loving these products. I received my surprisingly heavy box Friday. The first thing I tried was the muscle and joint cream on my legs, which were sore from running around like a maniac for 10 hours at work that day. Boy, did I feel better! On Saturday morning before work I used the foot cream on my feet BEFORE work to get the circulation going. The peppermint is very cooling and stimulating. I have also used the Lavender massage lotion on my neck, the arnica massage lotion, and the herbal massage cream. The massage cream is really nice when you want to work the muscle instead of just applying a product. It has enough slickness, or glide, so your hands move smoothly across the area you're working yet it absorbs well into the skin after you're done.

I stand behind my products 100% but I also highly recommend Kelly's products. It does take a little while to receive your order because she makes everything fresh when orders are received and she is BUSY because her products work!


Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Well.... You are very sweet and have a lovely business ethic. Thank you for your kind words and support. I have heard very nice things about "YOU", how you educate your customers about Aromatherapy use, the gorgeous quality of your products and your overall customer service!

Thank You Again!

Kelly Lynch Ring, Proprietress
Vital Earth Traditions LLC

Shelby Barone said...

her products are the best!! I have been buying them for myself for almost 2 years now, and they are amazing!

She is even custom made a special soap for my highly allergic son!

I too LOVE Vital Earth Traditions!

Thanks for doing such a great review of her products!