Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Works

The winner of the April giveaway has been notified-just waiting for a return email so I know where to send your stuff!

I'm still working toward the craft show next weekend and I think I will wait until Mother's Day to announce the May giveaway. I have poured 2 batches of soap today. The first was Amber Blush which should be ready to come out of the mold. I just finished a batch of Yuzu and boy is it smelling GOOD at my house. Even my husband drifted into the kitchen to see what smelled so heavenly.

I want to make a couple more batches-one in Tuscan Lace and maybe a new batch of Lavender/Ylang Ylang. I still need to work on a price list and mixing some perfumes, signage, etc. Of course a coworker has chosen this week to be a.........well.........trying to keep this blog family friendly so I'll leave that alone. Thanks to Kym of Home Made Beauty Review for letting me vent for real!

Unless I do extraordinarily well at this show I may be having a big after Mother's Day sale to clear out some soap.

I hope everyone else out there is having a beautiful day. Here in Lexington it's flash floods and tornado watches.

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Anonymous said...

haha. its your second daughter,(lol) and i showed my mom the soap you made she said it was cool i cant wait to see what you have made next. it smells so good!!! i love it, see you soon.