Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palmarosa Essential Oil

It's time for an educational post again. I have decided to talk about Palmarosa since I have rediscovered it lately. Palmarosa is a tropical grass that is closely related to citronella and lemongrass. The essential oil is very inexpensive, so much so that you may only have the option of buying large quatities from some suppliers (like 2 ounces). This oil can be very useful in any kind of skin care preaparation. It's a skin regenerator, antiseptic, anti-viral and antifungal. The aroma is bright, rosey and powdery. As an anti-fungal, it's a much more pleasant smelling cure than tea tree, plus it can help handmade creams from developing the dreaded mold. It helps to balance sebum production in the skin so it can help people with acne-prone and oily skin, plus it may help clear up some of those old acne scars. It's also used to treat and prevent wrinkles. I like it as an economical alternative for rose or geranium or an eco-friendly alternative to rosewood. And good news for us soap makers-the flashpoint is around 190 degrees so it can easily be incorporated into hot processed soap!

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