Monday, September 27, 2010

Lobelia is My New Best Friend

Have you ever coughed so much that you actually sprained an ovary? That's how my night went last night. I have been sick since Thursday. I slept, used all kinds of herbs and essential oils, ate only chicken soup and toast. By Saturday I was SICK OF BEING SICK! I put some tea tree oil in the salts for nasal rinses, took some ravensara essential oil in honey, added some hyssop decumbens to my vapor rub and started taking some osha root extract. Sunday morning I felt much better and even managed to make it to the team meeting. I don't know what went wrong last night-maybe it was from eating a piece of cheese on my sandwich at the meeting. I went into horrible hacking spells-and for no apparent reason other than my body decided to torture itself. So I found my lobelia extract and took a few drops in water and finally the coughing stopped and I managed to sleep for 5 hours. Why didn't I think of it sooner.

Lobelia is a fabulous LOW DOSE medicinal. Seriously, you don't want to take too much-it's also known as pukeweed for a reason. In low doses, it helps to relieve pain, is an expectorant and antispasmodic. I highly recommend it for congestion (including for asthma) but you MUST follow the dosing on the label.

Why is it so easy to treat other people and so hard to treat yourself?

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