Monday, December 13, 2010

Product Updates

Today is my day off but I went into work for a couple hours and shoveled some snow then came home and shoveled snow.  Now I'm just laying around the house in my long johns drinking coffee.  I feel like I should do something today but it's not looking like I'll get much accomplished.  To be quite honest, I'm already sick of snow and it's not even winter yet.  We had our first snowfall Thanksgiving night and it's been downhill ever since.  It's usually 40's-50ish here in December and we have already had about a foot of snow plus we are having single digit temps.  Weather like this doesn't hit Kentucky until mid-late January.  Did I mention it's not even Winter yet?  So, anyhow, this blog post is my big project for the day and maybe I'll even drag my exhausted behind upstairs to take a bath.

One BIG product update has to do with my Melissa Cold Sore Treatment.  I made a new batch with coconut oil infused with lemon balm-even more stable than olive oil, plus the coconut oil I used is imported from India and has a wonderful toasted coconut aroma.  Now, I have also gotten some Melissa essential oil so I'll be using that instead of the CO2.  I will update the listing when I actually get the work done :)

My most exciting news is that I will be offering aromatherapy inhalers.  I actually made an anti-viral inhaler when I got home from work because I was around a co-worker with a cold, that I don't want to get.  I am toying around with the blends I want to offer-here are my thoughts and you can tell me what you think:  Lavender (calming, tension headaches), Rosewood (anti-stress, immune boosting), Anti-viral (tea tree and Ravensara-to prevent colds and flu), Anti-Herpes (Lemon balm, bergamot and ravensara-to short circuit the herpes simplex virus, including shingles), Detox Blend (Geranium, Lemon, Helichrysum), Vapors (something like a Vick's Inhaler), Geranium (for hormonal balance and blood sugar control), Insomnia (marjoram, lavender, clary sage, etc), Performance (Basil, Rosemary and lemon to enhance physical and mental performance and memory).  I may even try some other blends for meditatation or may a version of my Clarity or Joy for the inhalers.

I would love to know what you think.  I'm really excited about these!

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