Saturday, January 15, 2011

Neroli Essential Oil

Today I have decided to post about my absolute most favorite essential oil-Neroli AKA orange flower.  It is distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree.  Citrus aurantium (bitter Orange) is the only plant that I'm aware of that yields 3 different essential oils.  Bitter orange oil is cold pressed from the peels of the fruit, Neroli is steam distilled from the flowers, and Petitgrain is steam distilled from the leaves and twigs.  All have relaxing properties and are useful in skin care, but Neroli is the most powerful.

The scent of Neroli is light, floral and delicate.  It's a top note in perfumery, which means the fragrance only lasts for a couple hours.  It's one of the more expensive oils but worth every cent! 

In aromatherapy it's used for thread veins and redness in the skin (rose works better), wrinkles (nothing is better than Neroli, here), to promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, fight anxiety, strongly promotes restful sleep, tones the heart and blood vessels, for grief and shock, and to promote the production of healthy new skin cells.  I can personally tell you that it is the only EO I have used that makes a visible difference in the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.  It is said to mimic youth hormones but I also believe that the physical action of relaxing the muscles and the psychological and physical action of the aroma relaxes you so that you aren't making the facial expressions that CAUSE worry lines and wrinkles.

Not only has it made my skin more youthful and radiant, I am convinced that it has possibly saved my life, or at least saved me a great deal of suffering.  When I first purchased some Neroli I just had to use it in the bath.  I was borderline hypertensive before I started taking a Neroli bath almost every night and within weeks I stopped taking the drugs my doctor had prescribed and I have never gone back on them.  It was one of those cases where I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I was well again!  I ALWAYS have this oil in my house!

The reason I was inspired to write about this oil today is because of the turmoil in Tunisia.  Tunisia produces the finest Neroli oil in the world and I'm concerned that the political upheaval is going to make the price of the oil skyrocket even more.  If you would like to purchase Tunisian Neroli now I recommend camdengrey and 100% Pure Essential Oils.  I also had the pleasure of getting an ultrasonic diffuser from 100% Pure Essential Oils for Christmas and Neroli was the first oil I used in it.  Three drops was all it took-very impressive!

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