Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canada Post Lockout

I just want all my readers to be aware that there is no postal service in Canada at the moment.  I'm in the USA so you might think it doesn't effect me.  Well, it does.  I have lots of wonderful, loyal customers from Canada who can't buy anything from me.  I am also working with another very nice etsian from Canada who will be featuring some of my products on a new website that she'll be launching in the late August/early September time frame.  She tells me that some of the Canadian sellers are getting negative feedback because items aren't shipping-this isn't their fault!  Blame the Canadian government!  I only hope after all of this mess is over that the Canadian people will have a new appreciation for their postal workers.  I'm an American postal worker so I know how under-appreciated they are!

Click here to check out the new website.

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