Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Post Is Pure Revenge

Anyone who doesn't like to read anything negative about other people should stop reading now.  As much as I hate to use my own blog to post a grievance I have nowhere else to go and I will get my pound of flesh.

I was recently part of a sample swap on an etsy street team that I was on.  There were 5 of us so we were all supposed to send out 4 sample packs and receive 4 sample packs in return.  I received some absolutely beautifully made soaps from Kim at mountainowlsoap and a crochet pothandle cover from KerryLaneCrafts.  I have been in communication with both of these very nice ladies and it seems that the 3 of us are the ONLY ONES who sent out samples.  Now I sent out big packs with a couple sample sized products and three full sized products.  I suppose that AngelasCandles and AzureArts are enjoying my products, the soaps and the hand-crocheted items they received and somehow can sleep at night knowing that they are sleazy con-artists.

I hope they are better when people pay with cash than they are with trades, that AzureArts arranged, by the way.  Should either of them decide to respond to an email or do the right thing and send out the samples they owe the 3 of us, then and ONLY then I will remove this post.  Until they do, they are called out for what they are.

UPDATE:  After involving a 3rd party I have heard from Angelascandles and it appears she has had a lot of personal issues.  Which is fine but communication would help.  No word yet from the person who arranged this whole thing.

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