Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comfrey Special

I just finished a special batch of comfrey salve for a friend and I had extra so I will give a free 1/2 tin to my next 6 customers.  This is olive oil infused with fresh comfrey leaf, dried lavender buds and loaded with Bulgarian Lavender oil.  I use comfrey all the time for my eczema outbreaks, rashes and for wound healing.  I have also used it in the past for tendonitis.  The docotrs told me I would have it for life but since I starting using comfrey on it, I can't remember the last time I had a problem with it.  And my tendonitis was in my wrist and I work with my hands all day.

Comfrey contains allantoin-a known cell regenerator.  It speeds healing and strengthens tissues.  Comfrey has even been used to speed the healing of broken bones.  I also have a client who buys tons of it from me for her psoriasis because it's the only thing that has ever helped her.  She is also buying it for her daughter who is starting to develop patches of it.

Comfrey also heals bruises and sore muscles and reduces swelling.

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