Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where Have I been!

I just realized I haven't posted in forever!  I have been very busy and spent my long weekend last week sick.

I have been working on a big order for a consignor lately (a little at a time), a few online orders here and there and just plain working my ass off at the day job.  An etsy friend told me about an online Wal-Mart contest so I will be posting a product there so I will be ask y'all to vote for me.  I could get a chance to get one of my products in Wal-Mart stores or on  A contract with Wally World would be super cool.  Might could quit the day job.............Hey, I can dream.

Have a meeting at Joseph Beth cafe today with Etsy Lex members.  Yup, Lexington members are the only active members so we are breaking off on our own.  Now Kelley and I can rule the world!  Aromatherapy and glitter eyeshadows for all our loyal subjects, of course-everyone will look and smell fabulous.

I have one item to list later.  A vapor rub stick-got that idea last weekend.  I am also going to conduct some experiments concerning a shampoo/conditioner.  Let you know how it goes......

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