Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It was 80 degrees here today/  The forecast for the rest of the week is rain and mid-70's.  I think Hummerwatch will begin this weekend because I am going to hang a feeder out.  All winter we've been having nice weather during the week and crappy weather on the weekends so haven't been able to take care of much outside.  Sunday was nice so I finally raked some leaves.  It was some aromatic experience as I raked through thyme, sage, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint and oregano.

I saw my coneflowers and comfrey starting to peek up through the ground and now they are about 4 inches tall-in 3 days.  I have vacation the first week of April and i should have some serious mints to work with by then-and lemon balm if the weather holds up.  That's the main plant I had on my mind when I bought the still!

I may distill some thyme when it flowers.  Good news with my St. John's Wort that I had to replace last year.  it was so mild this winter that it stayed green and has spread so I should have plenty of flowers to infuse for oil.  I may distill that one too.

I ordered some dried sandalwood-the real deal from India so I am going to distill that and hopefully get a good distillate from it.  I am so happy to be able to any hydrosol that I want, though I fear running out of space in the fridge.  As soon as I get some orders caught up I may start making creams with them.  So far the cucumber is our favorite and my daughter emerges from her morning shower, wrapped up in towels saying "cucumber" like a zombie as she walks to the fridge to spritz her face.

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