Tuesday, April 3, 2012

it's About Time!!!!!

Yes the NCAA championship is back in Kentucky where it belongs!  Of course, we had a shooting last night-that's a Hell of a way to celebrate, isn't it.  At least 1 car was torched, God knows how many couches..............

The rowdiness was no just on campus.  I could hear people driving down Man 'O w\War Blvd shouting yesterday.  Saturday before the game vs. Louisville was REALLY bad.  No matter where you went in town people were honking and shouting out car windows.  On Nicholasville Rd of all places-because that road isn't dangerous enough already.

For all you people out there who wondered why we would pay John Calipari so much money-why don't find out how much money the University of Kentucky is making on licensing fees-just this week.  that's what is called a return on investment.

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