Friday, April 6, 2012


I received some presents in the mail today from Gretchen of ADKaromatherapy.  I mailed her a bunch of my plants that were destined to die in a landfill.

She sent me some of her Amber-Jasmine soap which smells really yummy and feels so good on my skin.

I received some of her Amore perfume oil-this smells good and the presentation is really pretty.

And she sent me a big ole bag of dried Cedar marked "distill me".  Evil temptress.  I already did a distillation today but may have to do another tomorrow.

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Gretchen Morgan Stern said...

HaHaHa! I could have sent you cedar hydrosol but i figured it would be more fun for you to distill yourself... the dry stuff makes for a MUCH stronger smelling distillation. i love the cucumber hydrosol... & i'm giving the lemon balm to my daughter for her anxiety.