Monday, June 4, 2012

Skin Care, Naturally

A couple weeks ago Yahoo had a story/video about skin care mistakes women make.  It focused mainly on removing makeup and had a woman in the video using makeup remover wipes to clean the makeup off of her face before going to bed, before a workout and as soon as she woke up in the morning.  I'll get to the main points shortly, but I was thinking how much better off this woman would be if she were using hydrosols to clean her face instead of the fragrance and chemical laden wipes.

The points of the video, which I totally agree with:  Take your makeup off before you go to bed.  This is a pet peeve of mine in the Bare Minerals commercial.  I don't care how light and natural the makeup is, you don't want it sinking into your pores.  Besides that, you also accumulate dirt and toxins on top of the makeup during the day.  Second point:  Remove your makeup before you work out.  The skin naturally moisturizes itself with oil and sweat.  The sweat breaks up the oil and the oil is re-absorbed to keep the skin soft.  If you are wearing full makeup at the gym (or while gardening, etc) you will also be pulling makeup deeper into the pores.  Third point:  Some women believe they don't have to wash their faces in the morning if they just washed before bed.  This is a HUGE mistake because your skin de-toxes while you're asleep, so when you wake in the morning you literally have a layer of toxins on your skin.

Hydrosols deep clean skin, including removing makeup.  You'd be amazed at how much gunk you'll get on your cotton ball in the morning even after you cleaned your skin well before you go to bed.  Not only are hydrosols free of harmful chemicals, they impart the healing powers of the botanical they are made from.  They also contain no alcohol or preservatives to harm your skin.

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