Friday, July 13, 2012

Hummer Watch 2012

I FINALLY have some hummers.  The first official sighting was July 11th-much later than usual.  My 1st actual encounter was July 4th.  I was outside in a purple sweatshirt and purple shorts, bent over my St. John's Wort scouring for a few buds when I HEARD one hovering over me but when I stood to look for it it was gone.  I guess it was checking out the giant purple flower with red hair :)  This happened 2 more times but now they are finally out and about more openly.  The drought is so bad this year they won't have much to live on except feeders.

I'm glad they have finally made an appearance.  I like to keep an eye on them.  I can tell what Winter is going to be like by how they act at the end of Summer.

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