Saturday, August 11, 2012

Change is Coming

Etsy has made massive changes to their policies that, unfortunately, are going to make it very difficult (if not impossible) for any herbalist or aromatherapist to conduct any kind of decent business.  We really don't know what the rationale behind it is, and we aren't getting any clarification from Etsy.  All the answers we are getting are not answers at all.

I have been making a lot of difficult decisions the last few days.  Here is what I have decided so far:
If you will look at my shop links to the right you will see that I have opened stores on IndieMade and PoppySwap.  Poppy Swap is a site dedicated to herbalists, so if you are at all interested in natural beauty and herbal remedies I recommend you check it out.

I will be closing down my Artfire shop in September.

I will refocus more time in my HyenaCart store.  I do get business there, just not as much as I did on Etsy.  Besides that, Hyena Cart is more geared toward eco-friendly products of all kinds.

I will NOT be removing my current Etsy listings because I have already paid to have them there.  I have not yet decided what my future will look like on Etsy other than the fact that I am going to let the aromatics store just die.  How much of a presence Glory Be Herbals will have on Etsy will probably be determined by the way I am treated by the Powers-that-Be.  If they can manage to be polite and professional then I may stay.  If they continue to answer my questions with threats, I will leave.

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