Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm In Love

My daughter is in love with a certain big name ointment and instead of spending a fortune for it all the time I was going to make her some myself.  Why not?  I have all the ingredients and I certainly know how to do it.  I never told her I was going to do it so I really had it on the back burner for a long time.  When I was on vacation I decided to do something with all the stuff, but since I have my still I decided to make it into a cream (she LOVES my creams).  So I distilled a small batch of comfrey and got to work.  I was a woman on a mission that day and was having a truly inspired moment.  I added shea butter and cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, comfrey infused extra virgin olive oil and some sunflower oil that had been infused with lavender flowers twice..  After all that was melted I added my hydrosol and a little distilled water to top it off.  Then I took my stick blender to it adding Lavandin essential oil and preservative as it cooled.  Now, I usually don't make creams in large batches but this time I was really glad I did.  I ended up with 4 full 4 ounce jars and a 5th with about 3 ounces in it.  I gave a full jar to Stephanie and the partial jar to one of her friends.  After I borrowed Stephanie's a couple times, I decided that I had to keep one for myself too.  I have been using this on some mosquito bites that weren't healing well and on a small burn I have my arm and they have been healing super quick.  What I really like is that I actually managed to make a cream vegans can use without having to fool with candelilla wax.  We have also used it on our faces a few times.   The texture is better than I could have ever imagined-I think I may be onto something here.

I have some more fabulous ingredients coming in the mail next week so I will be making the ultimate face cream over Labor Day weekend.

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