Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving Forward

I have been thinking a lot about the situation with etsy and have made my decision.  I will maintain somewhat of a presence on etsy but all of my flower essences, most of my essential oils and all herbal items will be re-located to my indiemade store.  I may leave a few essential oils up on etsy but obviously, I can't tell potential customers what they do there.  My Artfire shop has been shut down, solely because I can't justify even that small expense for the sales I was getting there.  I just never took off there.    I get decent sales on Hyenacart and I don't have to pay every month if I'm not listing.  i don't seem to be getting any notice on Poppyswap but will keep a few items up there.  For now, my main focus will be to re-vamp my etsy store and stock my Indiemade store.

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Gathered Roots said...

Have you ever considered opening a CubeCart or an open-source shopping cart system?