Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Last night I decided to do a search of essential oils on etsy.  First I want to say that I'm horrified at how many essential oil sellers are still selling pure essential oils with the rubber dropper top bottles.
Do NOT buy essential oils that are packaged in this type of bottle!  The oils will eat through this rubber and your oil will be contaminated!  Next time you are trying to get an adhesive label off of a bottle, try using an essential oil instead of goo gone or rubbing alcohol-it will get the adhesive off much faster than any solvent.

Now to my main point in this post.  I usually don't call out sellers by name but this time I want to warn people about a new shop I found last night.  Here is the shop  Just for funsies I sent this convo:

These are NOT essential oils!!! Change the names to fragrance oils before you hurt somebody. This is false advertising. There is no champa oil for $4 for 5 ml and lavender oil is not purple. There is no such thing as essential oil of apple, pear or strawberry

Here is the response I got back:

This is essential oil, some our oil diluted with ethyl alcohol
ethyl alcohol is just regular rubbing which is safe to use on skin
This essential is made in thailand

Thank you

THIS IS A LIE!  I can prove these are fragrance oils just by the pricing.  ALL of them are $4 for 5ml and if you buy 3 you get 1 free.  And, as I pointed out to the seller, Lavender oil is NEVER purple!  Even if you make an infusion of fresh lavender it isn't purple.  In water, it's brown.  In oil, it's green.  And how do you make essential oils from plants and fruits that don't contain essential oils?  How do you make essential oil of apple, pear, strawberry, OCEAN?????  Please warn everyone you know about sellers like this.  There is NO SUCH THING as champa or frangipani for $4 on a 5 ml bottle!  Even at wholesale pricing you are looking at over $500 an ounce on frangipani absolute, so for $4 you get to take a whiff from the bottle-that's it.

Do your own research!  Never take the sellers word for anything!


xokymberlyxo said...

Can you report them to Etsy? Not that Etsy will do anything I suppose... IT has come a LONG was from where it started. It is unfortunate, because you used to be able to get a lot of great stuff made in small batches by hand. Now it is hard to know what is what.

Luckily I found you and your shop before I had to start being wary about the stuff on there. I won't buy from anyone else at this point. Yay for us! ;)

Jackie said...

This why everyone has to take responsibility for their own health and safety. My GOD-we have the internet! Never in the history of our species has so much information been so easily available to everyone. But so many people are unwilling to make the effort to protect themselves! I don't understand it.