Monday, July 15, 2013


I had some time alone a few weeks back when my husband was out of town and managed to run a lot of distillations.  I lost this round of lemon balm but will hit that in late Summer when round 2 regrows.  I ran some yarrow distillations that came out better than ever!

I also managed to gather quite a bit of elderflowers.  These made great distillate this year too.  We have had tons of rain and all of the plants are big and strong so I would imagine it has a a big effect on the flowers too.

I have been really excited about my rose bushes too but only 1 bush has made any flowers and it only has made 2 so far.  I think next year, which will be their third year, will be a production year.  They have been shooting up from all the rain though so I suppose I could still get some flowers to work with.  Just not holding my breathe on it.
The catnip is HUGE!  I need to cut it down but I hate to, because I have tons of honeybees on the flowers.

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