Monday, December 22, 2014

It's been a While!

It has been so long since I have posted!  Quite frankly I have still been quite busy with YL post from almost 2 years ago.  Anyone who follows me at all knows I am about education and safety, especially when it comes to herbs and essential oils and I tend to step on some toes!

I have been quite busy with new products and even new stores!  I will update my links here so you can find my soon-to-be revamped perfume store.  I am going to be offering alcohol based, all natural perfumes.  Some will be oldies that I have carried for years (as oil-based perfumes) and some will be very high end rare and hard to find absolutes, floral waxes and even some concretes.  I'm really excited about this!  I love alcohol based perfumes, as I'm sure many of you do, so it's great to be able to offer "real" perfumes in a natural format.  I already have a few new perfumes on the go, in the basement, aging and millions of ideas for new ones swirling in my always active brain.

What's cooking in the basement, you ask?  A few perfumes based on Indian Attars-a base of pure Mysore Sandalwood with floral/herbal oils and absolutes.  Champaca, Rose, Davana, Jasmine Sambac...............all lovely already so I can't wait to see how rich they are after a month or so.

I already have a lovely Rose perfume and a Lavender perfume, both started with an alcohol infusion of botanicals with steam distilled oils and absolutes added.  I want to make a lovely little perfume for bedtime with rose, lavender, geranium, roman chamomile and such (could also be used during the day for frazzled nerves).  I hope to create a masterpiece of deep, dark scent (think Opium) that the whole world will HAVE to have..............Already thinking tolu balsam, Balsam Peru, Amber, Patchouli (of course!), Ambrette Seed, Vanilla, Jasmine Grandiflorum...........we'll see where it goes when I have more time to play!

I have started making some all natural soy wax tartes for wax burners, which I will be listing very soon in my stores. 

I have a .com address now too with links to my retail sites!  Check out

I had a really great year with my hydrosols in 2014.  My elderflower water and Yarrow flower water were better than ever.  I'm not sure if it was exceptional material, I'm just getting better at it or a combination of both.  I hope to have more Clary Sage in 2015.  Last winter killed my old plants so I had to plant new ones and they weren't very big.  My stock was limited and has sold out.

I also lost my St. John's plants too and had to replant.  Not sure if it made it or not so I will have to wait until Spring to see what happens.


Ally Mathews said...

I'm curious, you are so against Young Living as a company, what oils do you use?

Jackie said...

Most of my oils come from a company called The Perfumery. I also use oils from Eden Botanicals, Mt. Rose herbs and a few other companies. There are lots of good oils out there that don't cost a fortune.