Friday, February 6, 2015

Why I Will NEVER Use Young Living Essential Oils Part II

It has been nearly 2 years since I wrote the original post (It's from March 2013 if you haven't had the pleasure yet).  Quite frankly, it had mixed reactions from many people thanking me for stating my opinion and sharing my experiences to "anonymous" Young Living reps spitting up blood and throwing out every nonsensical, scripted "rebuttable" they could think of.  And for those of you who want to argue that there aren't any Young Living sales reps out there giving unsafe advice I want you to google Young Living essential oils-I promise you won't have any trouble finding them.

Also to all of you out there who want to argue that you have been using them internally for years with no adverse reactions:  You can have severe kidney and liver damage without showing any symptoms.  Once you know you have a problem the damage will already have been done.

Back to the "French Method" of aromatherapy:  French DOCTORS occasionally prescribe essential oils for internal use for short term, acute infections.  The medicine is compounded by a LICENSED PHARMACIST and the usual route of administration is rectally.

I am seeing a severe increase of misinformation going out these days.  The last gasp of a dying empire after the FDA issued warning letters to the 2 big MLM's about making medical claims.

I will not even try to argue the non-sense, made up bullshit put out by the 2 said MLM's about "therapeutic-grade", "seed to seal" and the other clever marketing ploys that the gullible choose to believe.  I understand there are those of you out there who use DoTerra or Young Living just because you love the oils, and that you do your due diligence when it comes to safety.  Kudos to you!  I actually feel bad for you because you are in the company of so many others that are uneducated and dangerous, so your good name will be dragged down into the mud by them.

My fellow Christians who have been sucked in by the deceptive marketing at Young Living and who have elevated Gary Young to the heights of God.............shame on you.  Read commandment #1 very carefully and think about it for awhile.  If your "company" only wants you to read THEIR books and not outside information-that's called a cult and you need to wake up.  This wouldn't be the first time the devil has been prowling around with flock dressed in sheep's clothing.  THINK ABOUT IT!

As for all the "anonymous" reps posting, just keep on doing what you're doing.  You're not fooling anybody with any sense.  I have put my opinions out there along with a whole lot of scientific FACTS.  If that doesn't change your mind, then nothing will.  You believe what you CHOOSE to believe instead of facts.  Go ahead and drink all the oils you want.  Injury reports keep pouring in and those of us on the side of safety will be shown to be truthful.  Those of you chugging essential oils day and night will be hooked to machines to keep you alive, wondering why you didn't listen when you had the chance.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say completely.I have a close kin in the family that sells Young living herbal supplements,oils and juices.He doesn't have a clue even though he thinks he knows about oils and herbals but I will let you know he has no clue.I have read and studied more and longer on herbs and oils and know how oils should be used correctly.He sells an incredible amount (cha-ching) a month to a close kin of ours.Lets call this kin, DAD.I have watched this DAD abuse and use oils wrong,over drink juices,take way to many herbal supplements all day long because he doesn't read instructions and was told incorrectly how to use them and it can be dangerous for that person.Its a money making racket and all their reps push it saying it will cure things, no they don't, they are to be used as a possible wellness or possible preventative of maybe minor or simple things not something major that needs a real doctors diagnosis and medicine like cancer,thyroid,prostate,etc. that a person may have already.Be cautious and always get REAL books on how to use these oils,not young living pamphlets.