Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sensitization and Essential Oil Safety and YOUR SOUL

I know many Young Living and DoTerra reps look at my blog often, mostly because they hate me for going against what their company says.  Both companies have been issued warning letters from the FDA and DoTerra, at least, has been coming down on reps passing around bad information.

Some of you may be familiar with the story of the young woman, who is currently hospitalized from an apparent sensitization from using a safely diluted blend from Young Living.  Her basic background is this:  She was introduced to essential oils through a YL rep and used according to instructions from this rep for many years.  This recommended usage included all kinds of internal usage and using undiluted oils topically because she was lead to believe it was safe.  A few months ago she started to get exposed to information outside of the company and realized she was NOT using essential oils safely.  So she learned how to be safe with the oils and was using them properly-for a few months.  Then she decided to rub a drop of a PROPERLY DILUTED blend on her stomach for a stomach ache and all Hell broke loose.  She was admitted into the hospital with anaphylaxis.  She was told if she had waited much longer she would have died, her throat had nearly swollen shut by the time she got there.  SO now she is lying in a hospital bed covered in welts and rashes from head to toe, away from her husband and children, getting regular shots of steroids to keep her condition under control.  She is not yet sure if it's a sensitization or if this bottle of oil was somehow contaminated, possibly by plants in a field near where these plants were grown.

She THOUGHT she had escaped any possibility of this ever happening because she had begun to use safely.  But her body had already had massive exposure and the damage had already been done.  All it took was a minute amount to set this off.  The tipping point had been reached.  She MAY recover in time, and by that I mean YEARS, but most likely she will never be able to use essential oils again.  Or, in the very least, never be able to use certain oils again.  She may never be able to use THE PLANTS again.  She decided to make her story public and many of us have shared via social media with her permission.  She was being attacked by so many YL reps that she had to make her facebook page private to avoid the abuse.  And now the company YOUNG LIVING is threatening her with legal action.  SHE'S STILL IN THE HOSPITAL FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE!

All along, I have said that I have no problem with anyone who chooses to use Young Living oils as long as they use them safely.  Now I want to issue a challenge to all my Christian brothers and sisters who are still affiliated with this demonic company.  LOOK at the way the company handles Gary Young, LOOK at how they treat any dissenters who don't tow the company line and research how cults operate.  Pray HARD for discernment!  Do you love Jesus Christ or do you love Gary Young?  Do you not see that he is being elevated ABOVE the Lord?  Do you REALLY want to risk your soul for a quick buck?  He uses the name of God and uses the Bible to sell oils while flying in the face of God and the Bible by his words and actions.  Healing comes from God alone, plants are the vehicle, Gary Young is JUST A MAN.  This is NOT a Christian company!  Just because he throws around the name of God does NOT make him a Christian.  WORDS mean nothing-ACTIONS are everything


Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be a pain but where are the sources coming from? I don't see any links to prove your story.. I'm really a factual kind of person and always want to see the sources from where the story originates. I do not use any MLM companies either.

Anonymous said...

Also I don't have a Google account so I had to choose anynomous but I am Donna W

Jackie said...

Click on the link to my right for my Facebook page. I have her original post on there.

Jackie said...

And there is another woman in the same Facebook group who is also in the hospital with the same kind of rash. Her doctor doesn't understand oils and told her he didn't think it was the problem so she continued to use Lavender and Cedarwood while in her hospital bed. She has a rash so bad on her back it looks like someone lit her up with a torch and the skin on her face is tight and peeling.