Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Missing Your Blends?

I know because of the Blue Tansy shortage some Young Living blends aren't available.  Since I do have Blue Tansy, which has been tested and verified to be pure and true, I have some of my versions of these blends available.

Read what they are saying about my calming blend!

Used YL peace and calm on my son who has some anxiety and insomnia. They're always sold out. This blend is exactly the same, better priced and works just as well. Will definitely be ordering again. Very fast shipping! Thank you!


I'm not paying any commissions to anyone so I'm able to offer them at reasonable prices.


Lisa Lou said...

On March 3rd 2013 you have a post about NEVER using YL oils saying "In short, I won't use Young Living oils because they are MASSIVELY overpriced, and no matter how good they are, I will not put one penny in the pocket of a man who I consider to be unethical and dangerous". Yet in this article you said you used YL peace and calm on your son. What's up?

Panhandle Commercial Cleaning said...
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