Thursday, December 13, 2012

Buying Quality Essential Oils

As you may know, I have been laid up, recovering from some surgery.  Last night I was surfing through etsy looking at essential oil blends and found some pretty horrific listings out there.  You know I love to educate consumers of aromatherapy products so I want to post today about proper packaging and storage of essential oils.

One particularly sickening listing I saw was for 3 bottles of essential oil blends for $75.  The number one ingredient in this sellers blends?  Water.  Now essential oil dilutions can be a good deal for expensive oils like jasmine, rose or neroli but they should be diluted in a carrier oil not water.  And dilutions such as these are generally done to make them more economical.  I don't consider $75 to be economical and diluting them in water and charging an outrageous price is just plain ripping off the consumer.

Now, when you buy essential oils you often see them listed with dropper tops for ease in dispensing.  This type of dropper top is NOT what you want.................

The essential oil will eat this rubber dropper top.  The dissolved rubber will then contaminate the essential oil-and yes this seller is selling PURE essential oils with this type of dropper.  NEVER buy or store oils this way!  Even plastic orifice reducers and eurodroppers can eventually be eaten away by some oils-I have had this happen with cinnamon bark, a very caustic oil.

Also I want to remind my readers that essential oils come from plants.  There is no such thing as pineapple essential oil or essential oil of Egyptian Musk.  There is a very popular FRAGRANCE oil called Egyptian Musk that is 100% synthetic.  So please inform yourself and don't always rely on the seller for information.  Far too many people don't comprehend the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils or the difference between TRUE aromatherapy and the "aromatherapy" that mass marketers are pushing.  Again, Bath and Body Works is NOT aromatherapy-it's perfumery.

ALWAYS feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I want everyone to experience the healing powers of TRUE aromatherapy and I am ALWAYS happy to help you on your journey!

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Gathered Roots said...

Good info!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Where do u buy your essential oils ? Have u heard of edens garden ?