Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Spotted Box

January's box is here! I am trying to post as many pictures as I can but I don't know if I have enough room!
I am going to give brief descriptions of the contents of my box.
Breathe easy massage oil from Scent-story Creations. I believe I detect kid friendly eucalyptus smithii in this one. So this would be safe for children and the elderly.
Patchouli & Orange bath salts from Glory Be Herbals. I love this but I am biased.
Baby wipes from Baby Go and Princess Julianne's Closet.
A diaper insert/doubler from Creativitykes.
Sample double sided potholder from Jekuthiel's Handmade gifts.
Sugared soruce soap fromBreezy Bug Boutique. I usually don't like fragrance oils but I really like this soap.
A fuzzy scrunchy from crochet frog.
Strawberries and cream glycerin soap from Willow Lake Scents.
Peridot earrings from This is my birthstone-How convenient!
A bracelet from Tiffany's Trinkets.
Eco-friendly laundry soap from Jenny's Simply Clean.
Peppermint diaper pail freshener from Bitty Fluff.
Play Dough from Sewing Alley. I'm probably going to play with it-I'll admit it.
A little felt tomato from The Little Love Bug.
Lavender and Rose of Sharon seeds from fluffnflowers. I am plotting the garden in my head already. Come on Spring!!!!!
All natural furniture dusting spray from Picnic Basket Crafts. Lemon scented. Like real Lemon not Lemon Pledge.
A headband from I Heart Bowheads.
A binky bag from Mystical baby.
A flower applique from 2 by 2 Boutique.
Button pins from Buttered Parsnips and Flirtbuttons.
Hairclip from Social Butterflies.
A knitting pattern from Colorful Tea.
Greeting Cards from Tscrapper and DFMI Designs.
Gift Certificates from Queen's Creek and The Melting Pot.
Sample activity card from Eart School.
You can find more information about these retailers and their products at

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Tiffany said...

Hope you like the bracelet :D