Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spotted Box and New Promotion

I know I'm running late. It's March 1st so I figured I should put up my posting for the February spotted box. This month's box was fabulous (as usual) but actually the best variety I have received so far. I received three pair of earrings, which is NOT a problem, but otherwise no 2 items were alike! Here is a complete list of the contents of my box. For more information about participating artisans go to
Calendula calming creme from Face of the Wave. Very light cream-I love this one!
Sample activities card from Earth School.
Super cool bean bag from Thought of Ewe.
Aquamarine earrings from Let It Shine.
Yellow pearl earrings from Silver Huggers.
Another pair of earrings from Jewelry by Desiree. These have metallic discs hanging from a triangular centerpiece. A lot of work for a sample!
A BEAUTIFUL bobby pin from Haircandy Bowtique.
A pin from Gaea Graphics. It has a picture of earth and says "I'm Melting".
A gift certificate from Bellies, Babies 'n More.
Cosmos seeds from Fluffnflowers. Still working on that garden in my head. Every time I think Spring is here we get more ice.
A crochet stitch marker from Crochet Frog. I will use this one too.
A felt choco-chip cookie from Abunchakids. They play food is always so cool.
And so is the playdo like I got from
Lavender sachet from Refabulous.
child sized bobbypin from CrunchyCongo.
A collage pack from Artistry Creates. Again, quite a sample.
A heart shaped crayon from Freckles. Or is it BrookeFRECKLES.
A rather generous sample of unrefined shea butter from Natural Madison. I will definitely use this!
A hairclip from I Heart Bowheads.
Clear Hills Honey Company sent a card with 2 lip balm samples.
A baby wipe from Mystical Baby.
A fabric sample from Baby of Mine.
Yarn sample from Naturally Nested.
A perfume sample from Scent-sory Creations. Inamorata is the name. I believe I detect Bergamot, maybe some sandalwood and Jasmine. It smells very nice.
A felt crayon from Lil Miss Felt.
A Thank You card from T and Little S Scrapper.
Cold Care Bath salts from Glory Be Herbals.
I will have have another post about another fabulous box in about 2 1/2 weeks. Try to snag a box on etsy or hyenacart. They go on sale Noon eastern time on the 15th of every month.

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Desiree said...

The earrings came pre-made and the disks are river shells.