Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have a few things to say about this month's box. First, I didn't think it was possible but this box just gets better and better every month!
Second, I must apologize. I took my pictures this afternoon, then after dinner I decided to sort through the boxes I have been stockpiling to sort out what I wanted, plus my daughter, a pregnant friend and a box for my niece in New York. After I had finished I realized I hadn't done my detailed blog post. WHAT A DITZ!!! I'm still not quite myself, I guess. I just want to apologize to the artisans I may miss. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if I left you out.
A healing hemp balm and goat milk lotion from My daughter and I have been using this lotion like crazy and she is all over me to get some. It's great and we will be ordering.
I also received a rosemary gardeners soap from Country Soaps by Marlene. This is just my style.
A crochet face scrubbie from My Whimsie.
A mini envelop from Lil Bit Sassy. It has roses on it-again, just my style.
A lavender sachet from Glory Be Herbals.
Sleepy Sleepy tea bag from I will use this.
A beaded zipper-pull from
I scored a best of the box sample this time (first time). It was a wrapped gift box with candy from Memories By Olenka. The box was almost too cute to be wrapped but the wrapping was nice too. Very well done and the candy is yummy.
A crinkle toy from I really like these toys.
Glitter makeup with brush from My daughter was all over this one.
Foaming bath mousse in Energy scent from
I got two crayons. One is a ducky from The other in the shape of the letter "Q" from
A ladybug ponytail pretty from
A gift certificate from
A soy bath melt in cotton candy fragrance from
A pair of beautiful earrings from which I am wearing right now. I love them!
I think I got everyone. If I missed anyone please send me a comment with your link so my readers can check you out.


Stitch 'N Love said...

Ohhhh! You got a hairclip from me!!!! I hope it's usable for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the tea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love those little boxes! and Summer's candies made it the best!!