Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a beautiful Day

It's another beautiful day in the Bluegrass-actually unusually warm. We are going to be in the 80's for a week-actually yesterday was almost 90 degrees. Oh well, we generally don't have much Spring here. It's straight from winter to Summer for us.

All my plants are coming up. My comfrey (european) is already tall and full of purple flowers. I may post pics later this week. One of my goldenseal plants is very tall and is flowering.

I want to tell you about some products I purchased recently. I have been curious about these but I didn't want to pay a small fortune-money is tight these days. Luckily, some fellow hyena cart retailers had these so I purchased from them. First, is some squalene that I purchesed from This stuff is absolutely dreamy!!! Squalene is is one of the constituents in wheat germ oil that makes it so great for skin care. I highly recommend this-it only takes a few drops for your face or hands and it soaks right in and leaves your skin glowing.
The second item I purchased was some Monoi de Tahiti from This is an infused oil (gardenia flowera macerated in coconut oil). It smells great and leaves your skin soft. I feel like I'm on a tropical island. I have ordered some more Monoi oils-this will be my Mother's Day gift-including Frangipani (plumeria). I will let you know how it is when it arrives.

For now I have made a massage oil with fractionated coconut oil, monoi de tahiti and some squalene. I am going to put this on all over after my bath. I have already given myself a facial (herbal steam, clay mask, followed by a few drops of squalene), so I will be feeling good today.

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