Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Spotted Box

Another fabulous box! Here's what I got........
ponytail holder from
A full size child's gardening apron from Actually, my daughter is so tiny it may fit her.
Magnets inside a tin (which I will re-use) from
dishwasher powder from I hope that's right-the print on the card is too tiny for my old eyes.
Cloth baby wipes from
Palm wax melt in Fruit Loops fragrance from
Lavender essential oil from Great gift for a nervous new Mom!
An herbal tea in a cold/allergy blend from It smells so good!
A crinkle toy from
Sock-monkey greeting card from You are trying to pressure me into a buying a sock monkey..........
A crochet butterfly magnet from
A zipper pull from Her samples are always a treat.
Knitter's Balm from
Wipes bits from The sample is enough to make quite a lot of wipes solution, like 10 cups worth.
An "It's a girl" crayon from Mine unfortunately broke in transit. I will attempt to repair it and add to the box I'm putting together from my friend who is expecting a girl.
Sample activities from Earth School.
Two crayons from This came with a picture to color.
Another beautiful package with candy from and
Moss mousse mix from
A decorative clothespin from
A candy bubbles soap from
A headband from
An iron on transfer and a magnet from
A felt cookie from
A gift certificate from


Anonymous said...

I hope you endjoyed candy as much as I have 80) Looks like a great box! Thank you

tscrapper said...

I agree--another great box! Hope you can use the clothespin clip!

Tiffany said...

Glad you liked the zipper pull :D