Friday, June 19, 2009

June Spotted Box!!

Another box of beautiful goodies! This will be my last month receiving the free box, unfortunately, because of finances I have had to cut back on my samples. I will still be there though! Here's what I got this month.....

A ginger/orange scrub from
A gift certificate from Yes it was my month for and I have already received 2 orders from them. Keep 'em comin'!
Body cream from
Vegan coconut milk souffle lotion from
Kohl Rabi seeds from I used to draw these in art class but I have never actually eaten one.
Wild flower seeds from
A TOTALLY COOL T-Rex dinosaur crayon from
Lavender dryer sachet from
A sunkissed citrus scent wax melt from
Always fabulous-a card and gift tags from
Hariclip from
Doggie cookies from My dog says they are delicious. She loves it when she gets amples in the spotted box!
A pattern for a reusable mop pad from Great for the environment and your budget!
Snaps from After checking links I believe this one should be
Melon Ball soy wax melt from
A washable facial pad from This is to take the place of cotton balls for applying facial toner.
A heart shaped applique from
A really beautiful pink hairbow from
A starfish crayon from
Crochet sample from
A flower hairclip from This is pretty enough for a grown-up.
A bracelet (?) from This is made from recycled denim and is really nice looking.
Wooden beaded bracelet from
A gift certificate from and from
Bath melts from I have ordered from her before-great products.
A matchbook notebook from This is funny. My Bluegrass etsy street team just posted a tutorial on the blog about how to do these and I have been working on some.


McClure Family said...

I am excited you got one of my gift certificates!! I posted a thread about the box as well!

tscrapper said...

Isn't it fun to make matchbook albums? They're addictive!