Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu Pevention

I know everyone is paranoid about the flu this year, especially the swine flu. The first thing I want to remind everyone about is that the swine flu fatalities are very low compared to fatalaties from the usual flu viruses that go around from year to year.

Here are some ways to protect yourself. First, I always recommend using elder berries during flu season. It really can help prevent infection. Usually, I would recommend using elder berries to shorten the duration of infection. However, elder berries can cause complications in cases of swine flu and avian flu. So, if you start showing signs of flu then stop taking elder. You can change to goldenseal and echinacea to help boost immunity and speed recovery. I really like Airborne, which is available at all pharmacies.

Otherwise, I recommend normal precautions that everyone should know by know....
Use a tissue if you sneeze or cough and throw it in the trash immediately.
Wash your hands often, especially before you eat.
Don't touch your face around your mouth, eyes, or nose.
You can use solutions with tea tree oil or lemon to disinfect surfaces-try these oils in straight white vinegar in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces.
Don't go out in public if you're sick.
Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong.

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