Thursday, October 22, 2009

Latest happenings

I haven't posted in a while. My daughter ran off with my USB cable so I haven't been able download any photos which has really crippled me. I have started infusing some oils (calendula, arnica, chamomile) plus I am reformulating my oil base for my boo boo sticks. I have added neem leaf and Balm of Gilead buds along with the calendula flowers to help increase the healing/disinfecting power. I also some new extracts going and I am infusing some olive oil with my last harvest of Lemon Balm. I will add some Melissa co2 and some essential oils and make a "lip balm" for cold sores.

My team boxes are almost ready, I just have to do some pics and write up the listing and forward it onto the proper people!

I want to try to put up a post tonight about flu prevention while I'm watching Project Runway if I can focus on both at the same time :).

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