Monday, November 9, 2009

Cut Soap

I know my picture isn't great but, as you can see, I unmolded my soap and cut it into bars this morning. It can't be very caustic-I did not use gloves and my skin seems to be okay from handling the soap. Of course, I rinsed my hands a lot to be safe. I ended up with 18 bars that range from 3 1/2 to 4 oz each plus I cut off the ends so I have a couple of samples to use myself in a week or two. Some of this will be rebatched and scented, remolded, etc. Some I will leave as is for sale to those who are allergic to scents or just like to have unscented soap. I like it unscented myself so it won't interfere with whatever perfume I decide to wear for the day.

I have learned a lot for the next time but my first batch has been very successful and I am still very excited about the whole process.

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kennedyt4 said...

it is exciting to hear about your soap; i am very glad it turned out for you. i have not made soap for a several years but loved it. i remember the first batch and being fearful of getting "burned". glad you had fun.
i am fascinated with herbs and their many uses. it is great to find someone local that is doing just that. thank you for your posts and products on etsy!