Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Giveaway

The winner of the January giveaways is Kym of Home Made Beauty Reviews. Congratulations and I'll be sending some extra goodies for you to review-I hope this gets your blog some attention! It really is useful to see what someone else thinks of a product before you buy.
I didn't post the January giveaway on the etsy giveaways and I may not post this one either! I make it so simple to enter-just leave a comment! I know I have a little bit of a following so I will reserve my giveaways to the "faithful" for a while.
This month I am going to offer a choice of essential oil-5 ml. These are the choices:
High Altitude French Lavender-very soft floral fragrance!
Petitgrain Bigarade-from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. A very nice relaxing oil.
Patchouli-this is a very mellow aged patchouli-vintage 2006.
Rosemary-great for memory and concentration.
Geranium-rosy scent. A great balancing oil for women, helps control blood sugar, nerve pain, for burns, etc.
Sweet Orange-smells just like orange! Great uplifting scent that kids really love.
Bergamot-my favorite citrus oil. It has an almost floral and peppery tone.
Pink Grapefruit-Yummy! Helps control appetite and is great in a diffuser.
Leave a comment and let me know which one sounds good to you. This will end at midnight on Feb 28th. I will send an email, probably in the wee hours of the morning on March 1st.
If I don't get ANY comments I will continue it through March.


Homemade Beauty Review said...

Don't count this [of course since I just won :)] I know I thanked you for selecting me in my email, but I also felt that a public thank you was also warranted. Also, i REALLY enjoyed your post on lavender. it is a great scent, and I definitely learned something new. keep it up!

Auroras_Garden said...

Girl you know I am loving some patchouli. Vintage 2006 sounds awesome! I have heard stories about aged patchouli...I have heard incredible wonderful stories! LOL

Amber said...

Bergamot please for me!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

crystal said...

Hello, I have been enjoying your blog. I am a fan if essential oils!!
I am looking forward to visiting again;)

Lisa said...

After your post on lavender oil, french lavender oil would be my pick.

Homemade Beauty Review said...

In case anyone was on the fence about an oil... the High Altitude French Lavender is absolutely lovely!