Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I MADE SOAP!!!!......Again

This time I am celebrating my first batch of hot processed soap. It is in the mold cooling but I scraped some scraps together and made a little "bar" that I have already washed my hands with twice. It is looking great! I made a rosewood exfoliating soap with apricot kernels. I had made the sanme soap from rebatched soap before and loved it so I just had to do it again. I may make some more tomorrow or later this week in lavender with some lavender buds mixed in. Watch for it in my stores!

UPDATE 3/10/10-The soap has been unmolded and cut. I am going to let it harden for a few days but it came so beautiful I'm getting ready to make another batch! This time it will be a lavender/citrus castille soap. This is FUN!

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