Sunday, March 7, 2010

Medicated Oil

I have a small amount of medicated oil back in stock. It is slightly different than the original batch since I was working with all dried herbs. There is no all-heal in it and I added some wood betony. It smells very close to the original and the addition of the wood betony will make it more relaxing.

I will be able to make more very soon as many of my plants are starting to peak above the soil. We are forecast to have warmer temps for the next week-let's hope it stays that way and Spring is finally here! We have been warming up a little but we have had so much snow this year that some of it still hasn't melted! So every now and then you see a batch of snow on the ground while you're driving around.

Man am I ready for Spring!!!!!!!!


crystal said...

We are having Warmer Weather too!!
I am so happy with my Bergamot Oil,Thank you so much!

Jackie said...

I am glad you are enjoying your Bergamot. Isn't it dreamy!