Thursday, August 12, 2010

August/September Giveaway

Yesterday I decided to revive my other etsy store so I have an etsy forum for my fragrance oils. This store will have soaps, body butters, room sprays and soy candles. So for my August giveaway I will be giving away one of my handmade soaps scented with one of my favorite fragrance oils.

Just leave a comment to be entered. I will also be giving away additional entries for anyone who makes a purchase from my "new" store. I have a link to the right (JASaromatics) and I am adding new items periodically. So if you make a purchase from my new store leave 3 extra comments telling me what you purchased.

Your choices for the soap will be:
Amber Blush (BBW type)
Cucumber-Melon (BBW type)
Green Irish Tweed (Creed type-for men)
Love Spell (Victoria's Secret type)
Lovely (Sarah Jessica Parker type)
Mediterranean Garden Spa

Audrey's Country Crafts blog will be featuring an etsy-mini of my new store in September so I have decided to run this through the end of September. Here is the link to her blog The offer will now end at Midnight on September 30th.


siilenti said...

Ooooh I love soaps! :)

Brianna said...

Yay for your new shop! :D

Jennifer said...

I've seen good reviews on youtube! I hope I get to try your soaps soon :)

Lara said...

congrats on your new shop! I bet the green Irish tweed scent is great!

Crystal said...

Hi Jackie
Your soap sounds lovely!
Thanks for a fun Herb Blog..hope you are feeling better soon:)

cyclona66(at)aol dot com