Saturday, March 26, 2011

Essential Oil Experiments

I used the Rosalina in the nebulizer last night and just absolutely loved it.  It really is a bizarre yet beautiful combination eucalyptus/rose/rosewood/lavender type smell and I think it really helped with the little chest congestion I'm having and definitely helped me drift off to sleep.  I actually got the best rest last night that I've had in a long time.  I have been dragging all week.  I also had a very vivid work-related dream that is directly associated with stress I'm experiencing in the work place so I am wondering if Rosalina may help release blocked up stress.  I'm going to put some in a bath here shortly too if I can get myself off of the computer and into the bathtub.

The Australian Blue Cypress has also really helped with the sorenes from my eczema outbreak I'm having on my right foot.  Did I mention I'm a little stressed?  I have also been drinking nettle tea to try to detoxify my liver (a little Spring cleaning) and build up my blood.  My iron is always low so I'm sure it's also the source of my feeling tired all the time.

I wanted to start playing around with my eucalyptus oils when I got up this morning so I started with the Eucalyptus dives (AKA peppermint eucalyptus).  I added a couple drops to some sunflower oil and used it as a chest rub, a sore muscle rub and on an open lesion on my foot.  It was very cooling and very quickly numbed the soreness in the sore muscle, much like menthol.  It has been working best as a chest rub and the muscle is sore again.  I suspected this would be the case since it contains a very high concentration of cineole.  My thoughts on this one is it will be great for inhalation for congestion and would make a wonderful cooling bath or spray in the summer, much like peppermint.

I will keep you updated on my experiments as I conduct them this weekend!

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