Friday, March 25, 2011

New Essential Oils

I got an order in today with some new essential oils.  I bought several varities of Eucalyptus (E. polybractea, E. dives,E. camaldulensis) that I'm going to play around with.  I also bought a bottle of Australian Blue Cypress which is supposed to be a great anti-inflammatory.  It is a blue oil and it smells wonderful.  I have a rash on my foot so I will be using that tonight.  The oils I'm most impressed with are Rosalina and Nerolina.  They are melaleucas, which means they are related to Tea Tree-you wouldn't know it from their scent!

Nerolina is also known as Lavender Tea Tree.  To me the scent is fruity not Lavender.  It's much more like Roman Chamomile but not as overpowering.  It's also good against allergies so I will be including this in my blend for the allergy relief inhalers.

Rosalina is a good name for this oil.  It is definitely reminiscent of Rosewood  only brighter.  It is relaxing and anti-infection so this is going in my nebulizer tonight!

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be doing a Ylang Ylang kit (will be posted this weekend).  I will also be doing a Eucalyptus kit with 7 varities of eucalyptus oil;  Now I am also thinking about a kit for the melaleucas and will include the Rosalina, Nerolina, Tea Tree, Niaouli, and Cajeput.  You won't believe the range from down-right medicinal to floral and beautiful!

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