Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I had a wonderful work week this week.  I taught a class, which is my first love.  I was hoping to get a flower essence done today since my clary sage is blooming but we are having thunderstorms so far today.  It's ok though because the rain and cloud cover is keeping the outside temperature very nice.  It may come back on us if the sun comes out because it will just magnify the humidity.

Take good care of your Dad tomorrow!  I am taking mine out to eat at a Nice German restaurant tonight so we can spend the day at my stepson's house tomorrow.  I made a big batch of soap about 5 weeks ago to give my Dad and husband for Father's Day.  Spiced Rum-Dad's fave.  I made the scent with a blend of essential oils that I made up 2 weeks before I made the soap so everything would be blended and mellow.  It all turned out very nicely and I think they'll like it.  Hopefully it will keep hubby out of the soaps I want to sell!

So shower Dad with love and presents-he deserves it!  After all, he survived raising you!

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