Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's HOT!

The cooler weather didn't last long!  Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I do at least have a cool breeze outside but I decided to come in for a break.

I got a yarrow flower essence going and it looks like I can do some Clary Sage soon.  I had a small planter full of chickweed that I raised from seed and I cut it down and have it layed out for now.  I then gathered all the little seeds from the table it was on and threw them back in the pot.  I may have to bring it inside soon.  Chickweed hates heat but it's supposed to be cooler next week so I'll see how round 2 goes.

To give you an idea of how much rain we had this Spring............I have been going crazy pulling up Marshmallow plants!  They grow around streams where it's nice and wet so it's a struggle to keep them happy in Kentucky clay and I have never had a problem with them self seeding because we usually don't have THAT much rain and the summers are hot with maybe a half inch of rain a month.  But at one point we got 17 inches of rain in 35 days.  Seeds have washed all over the place.  My husbands parsley keeps popping up in my flower beds, I keep finding stray violas in the yard (which is actually kinda cool).  .

I guess I should head back out and find a spot for my Borage and trim the flowers off of the valerian, cut back some lemon balm and comfrey, etc, etc

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