Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday

I am outside enjoying the cooler weather while the dog plays and protects from squirrels :)  We got some much needed rain last night-yes, it seems like we were just flooded now it's been very hot and the ground is so dry it's cracking open.  This is the normal wild Kentucky weather.  Summer has dug it's claws in early much like winter did this year-early and full force!

This weekend we are going to get some yard work done!  I have plants in flower pots that need to go in the ground and I need to murder some weeds-no poison, I kill them with my bare hands.

I am teaching a class again next week for the 1st time in over a year.  I also have some fragrance oils coming in the mail Monday so I am going to add some new items to my aromatics shop.  I have found a wonderful, all natural liquid glycerin soap base from a supplier-much more impressive than the castille soaps from the stores.  It has a nice rich lather and no artificial ingredients, at least not until I scent them.  It makes a great shampoo and body wash.  I may offer some with essential oils in my GBH shop too.  I want to offer a head-to-toe fragrance package but couldn't figure out how to make a conditioner so I have settled on a hair serum using olive oil squalene with just a touch of avocado oil.  This only takes a couple drops worked through your hair and you're good to go.  And it's much lighter than conventional conditioners.  I made some for myself with my rosemary/basil/lavender conditioning EO blend.  2 or 3 drops works like a charm for me and my hair is thick and dry.

I have 2 new fragrance oils coming-Body (by Victoria) and Amber Romance (Victoria's Secret Type).  I also found Lovely (Sarah Jessica Parker type) from this supplier so I ordered 8 oz o that one.  Just when I got people who were interested in that one my original supplier quit carrying it.  Thank goodness I found it again!  And the Body by Victoria is one of the best they've ever had, and Love Spell, but you can only occasionally find a body spray at the mall and that's it.  These are some of the very few commercial fragrances I ever use.  So now I can make my own.

For the head-to-toe I was thinking of Shampoo/Body Wash, scented Hair Serum and either a lotion or body butter.  Maybe a perfume too since I have plenty of perfume bottles!  And I do mean perfume-strongly concentrated.

I think now I will go put on some work clothes and get some work done while the rest of the family sleeps.  I have the dog to keep me company and I hope a hummer will make an appearance.  We've only seen a couple of the little guys but it's still early.  This time next month we'll be dodging them while they do battle over control of the feeders-I hope.

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