Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flower Waters

I am trying very hard to get some work done today since I will have absolutely no time again until next Sunday.  I have orders to work on-one of which is a surprise package.  I love doing these because I can get really creative and throw in some products not offered in my store and get feedback.  If I listed everything I think of I would be bankrupt from listing fees!

I haven't offered flower waters for a while and I have gotten some awesome new essential oils since then so I will be listing a few.  My flower waters are not to be confused with hydrosols-I dissolve essential oils in pure grain alcohol to make an essence then add the essence to distilled water.  This gives you the benefits of the essential oil in a more diluted form plus the alcohol acts as a preservative so there's no need to refrigerate them.  It's also a lot more economical!  I love making these because I can carry them in my purse, or leave a bottle in my locker or keep a bottle in my nightstand to use as a pillow spray and they won't spoil.  Plus since I can do this with just about any oil I have so I can make any water or blend that I like.  I felt inspired to do this when I received the order for the surprise package so she is getting a bottle of Rosalina flower water.  I also made essences from Fragonia and cermonial White Sage today.  I have been thinking about doing a kit with essential oils for meditation with 10% dilutions of Holy Basil, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh so the sage spray would be a nice edition for clearing sacred space.

I'm also getting ready to make anointing ointments based on the Temple blend of Exodus.  Some people get nervous about duplicating this blend because of the stern warnings in the Bible.  But it is supposed to be formulated by a perfumer (aromatherapist?) for use by the priesthood.  Under the New Covenant we are all members of the common priesthood.  Besides, it is extremely unlikely that I am duplicating the exact formula for a number of reasons: 1)  We can't be 100% certain that the translation is correct 2)  Even if it is correct which Myrrh is it referring to? 3)  They wouldn't have been using essential oils but infused oils  and 4)  I have no clue what a HIN is.

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