Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Holidays

I was just writing an email to one of my customers about how my Christmas season is going and thought I'd share with everyone.  I'm a postal worker by day so as you can imagine work SUCKS more than ever, especially since they expect us to do the work of 5 people without going into overtime (yeah, right).

However, my Holiday season with my family is the best ever since we've been grown and out of our parents' house.  My sister lives down in the mountains but has had to stay with my parents in Georgetown for a while.  So we have actually been able to gather the whole family in one place for a change.  It's always been hard to get everyone together because of work schedules or weather.  My sister usually likes to have dinner at her house but it tends to snow and ice over in the mountains this time of year and it's 2 hours away.  So it worked out well for Thanksgiving-we all had it at Mom's the Tuesday before and I just drove straight up there right after work.  And we'll all be there together Friday after next for Christmas-every relative I have in the state-well blood relatives.

There are fewer gifts under the tree than usual but the ones under there are nice and we've actually had FUN this year shopping and wrapping.............I haven't enjoyed Christmas this much in years.  I know I have a REALLY hard week ahead of me this week and a few REALLY REALLY bad days the beginning of next week.  Since my husband is now home we have been able to split up a lot of the shopping duties and next weekend and next week I'll be able to make candy and cheese balls.  We got a lot of shopping and wrapping done yesterday.  I am really excited about Christmas this year because I've been enjoying my Family.  The work stress doesn't matter so much.  I don't let it bother me anymore because I know there's nothing I can do to save my job or to save the Post Office so I am just doing the best I can and leaving the rest in the Lord's hands.

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