Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is this a bad omen?

Last night I went out to pick up things we need for tonight and for our New Year's dinner and I can't find blackeyed peas!  I have my parents checking their Wal-Mart before they come over today but in the meantime I'm flipping out!  I have to have my traditional Southern New Years Day dinner-Ham, Blackeyed Peas, Collard Greens and Cornbread.  It's bad luck if I don't.  I suppose I could do the Kentucky thing and do pinto beans-no I can't.  And the Krogers here never have them, not even in the can.  I don't understand this at all.  I know this isn't deep South but it is still the South dammit!  How can you not have blackeyed peas?  I'm obviously not the only person who wants them or Wal-Mart's shelves wouldn't have been empty.

Other than that............I'm up at this ungodly hour to get some orders done a roll some more cheese balls so my parents can take one home.  My cheese balls are in high demand.  They are taking it to my sister and since we are loaded up with her potato salad and deviled eggs I certainly owe her a cheese ball.  My sister's potato salad is so good that it's the only stuff we can eat-anything from the store tastes like shit compared to hers.  I have a coworker who makes some good tater salad too.

Our normal plans fell through so we are going to have a nice calm celebration tonight-which is fine by me.  Except we still have to go buy the ham and we have to go to the liquor store again.  My husband told me we had plenty of Jack Daniels when I went out last night but this morning I discovered that we in fact have plenty of Jim Beam.  I can't put Bourbon in my Bailey's!

A couple weeks ago I bought a capsule machine from Mountain Rose Herbs and played with it a little bit.  Man, that thing is awesome!  You can make your own herbal capsules a LOT cheaper than buying them.  I'm thinking if i have time today I should make something for Liver support-and some detox bath salts.  I should be fine in the morning because I will NOT be doing the champagne at midnight.  I will be doing a Bailey's/Jack Daniels toast.  Don't ask me why but the last 2 or 3 years I have been drinking Bailey's (coffee) and Jack Daniels (Baileys is expensive so you gotta stretch it :) and I have actually been feeling better the next day.  I love wine but the sulphates get to me if I drink too much, and since I have started drinking in the middle of the afternoon on Dec 31st-well, you know.  You'd think I'm some big drunkard but i actually don't drink much or even very often most of the year.

I hope all of my readers and customers have a wonderful and SAFE night tonight and all the blessings they deserve in the New Year.  I am so lucky that all the people I deal with on Etsy are just the most wonderful people.  I talk to a lot of ebayers and even fellow etsians who get some doozies!  I know how blessed I am with the people who buy from me.  All of you are truly awesome and I am always honored to serve you!

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