Saturday, March 24, 2012

Anniversary Specials

Better late than never, right?  I have finally decided on my anniversary specials as follows:

My blog readers can use coupon code 4YEARS to get 15% off all orders now through April 30th.  This is good in my Etsy store only!

I will be giving away some Glory Be Herbals branded gear to 2 lucky readers.  Leave a comment below and tell me what products you love the most and what products you would like to see.  Two winners will be drawn April 28th.  The first winner will receive a tote bag and the second will receive a coffee mug.

I will have another lottery drawing for my customers who purchase between now and April 30th.  One winner will have the full price of an order refunded through paypal.  One winner will receive a set of 4 one dram vials of some beginning essential oils (french lavender, clary sage, rosemary, and double distilled peppermint) plus a 2 ounce spray bottle of the hydrosol of their choice.

Keep checking back as I will be posting info about distillations, especially since my plants are shooting up like crazy!  I should have tons of hydrosols available by the time the party is over!


xokymberlyxo said...

This is is a toss up between the Comfrey salve (that I use on every scrape and injury that my soon or I get -and basically everyone else that comes into my house!) And the custom flower essence that you made for my OCD.
I didn't know you got merchandise made! That's exciting!

Gretchen Morgan Stern said...

I <3 the *SURPRISE PACKAGE* had to buy it can't wait to see what I get!!! It is like buying a present for yourself ....

craftparadise said...

I love everything but If need to pick one the comfrey salve is fantastic.